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GiMix UP

October 27, 2008

Gi Mix UP by Vanessa Mae S. Almeria & Glenn Obenza

Gi Mix UP: A CL 171 Creative Project

Script Writer: Vanessa Mae Sumagaysay Almeria

Comics Artist: Glenn Obenza

August 6 2008
(Script, done)
2nd week of August
(submission of script)
3rd week of August
( meet to conceptualize the characters and UP Mindanao’s setting)
Last week of Aug- 1st week of Sep
( Illustrating the first batch ,Menggay and Rambo’s stories)
1st week of September
(submission of the first batch, Menggay and Rambo)
Whole month of September
(scan & edit Menggay and Rambo’s, conceptualize book cover, introduction, brainstorm-Title)
Last week of October
(submission of Abby’s stories, scan Abby’s stories, finalize Book Cover, Laptop busted)
October 2, 2008
(finish editing the whole collection, ready to be printed)
October 3, 2008
(laptop busted, Abby’s files deleted)
October 4, 2008
( Gensan, printing shop to back up Abby’s files, recovered, started editing (again))
October 5, 2008
(Mga Paaman Part, edit Abby’s)
October 6, 2008
AM (finish Abby’s part, finalize Mga Paaman, Print the whole collection ,book bind)
PM (back to davao, submission : Sir John Bengan)